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Bernadette Ducharme is a country girl, raised in the little town of Horsefly, BC. She began creating songs as a very small child, before she could even write them down. Inspired by the likes of Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, Bernadette loves to sing ballads of real live cowboys still living the western lifestyle in this modern time. She loves to evoke a feeling that puts you right there in the song, whether it's haunting, heart wrenching or makes you chuckle ... you're guaranteed to FEEL her music!

In September, 2014, Bernadette was inspired to follow her lifelong dream of making music after she won the Northern Star Singing Competition in Barkerville. After the awards and the final show was over she met Bud Webb, who asked her if she'd ever sang at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival? When she replied that she hadn't, he then asked if she'd ever been to it ... he emphatically said "They need you!". He then rounded up a pen and wrote down the name and phone number for Mark McMillan, President of the BCCHS. Bernadette called Mark and made arrangements to compete in the Spirit of the West Rising Star Show Case in Kamloops the following March.

After talking to Mark, Bernadette decided that she must make an album to sell at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival. So, not knowing who she could get to help in this regard, she called her good friend LeRae Haynes and asked her about it. LeRae said to call Randy Pokeda, as he did all her recording and did a wonderful job. She immediately called him and set up an appointment to meet. Randy was suitably impressed when he heard her sing and agreed right away to record her. Randy plays almost all of the guitar back-up on all her albums. He is a master musician who knows just what a song requires, what instruments to play, to make it sound "right" ... Bernadette feels so fortunate to have him in her corner ...

Bernadette had talked previously to Horsefly local Cowboy Poet, Bruce Rolph about putting music to some of his material, and with the upcoming "Cowboy Festival" she needed some new "Cowboy" songs. After a visit with Bruce and his wife Lonnie, she chose a couple of her favorite poems and took them home and put music to them. A few days later she and her partner Marty went out to the Rolphs ranch to see what they thought of them. In an intimate setting, Bernadette closed her eyes and sang Bruce's words to life ... when she was finished, she opened her eyes to Bruce grinning widely, and Lonnie moved to tears! They loved them ... so "The Old Felt Hat" and "The Ghosts Of Stockyards Past" were quickly added to the line-up for her debut album entitled "Pieces Of Me", and to her repertoire for the Rising Star competition. She was 2nd runner up her first year there, and 1st runner up in 2016. Bernadette met Western Roots Poet, Mag Mawhinney in the Green Room at the 2015 Festival, and after a short conversation they decided to try a collaboration. They became fast friends and to date, Bernadette has put music to 8 of Mag's works, 6 of which are on her Cowboy CD, "One Boot In The Stirrup". This album is pure western, and on it she collaborates with Bruce, Mag, Frank Gleeson, the official Poet of Williams Lake, and Mike Puhallo, much loved and missed past president of the BCCHS.

All her life, Bernadette has been a lover of music ... she remembers being 3 or 4 years old, standing beside the wood cook stove with her Mom singing songs like "Away In A Manger", "Jesus Loves Me" and "This Little Light Of Mine". In school, she'd join in any kind of group where she could sing. She recalls family gatherings growing up where everyone sang and played half the night or more, and she always felt so fortunate to be a part of such a soul stirring sharing of music and song.

Bernadette's first collaboration with a poet was with her Mom, Maggie Ovington, when she put music to several of her mom's gospel poems. This was a thrill for both of them, a dream come to life as well. The first one was called "Moment By Moment", the title song of her new, soon to be released gospel album, an album that breathed life into a lifelong dream for both her and her Mom. At that time, Bernadette lived at 70 Mile House with her husband and 3 children. Shortly after that, she and her husband separated and she returned "home" to Horsefly, with her kids, where she intends to stay.

Bernadette began sending her album "One Boot In The Stirrup" to Radio DJ's all over the world and is thrilled that they're playing it! Making music and hearing it played on the radio is a dream come true for her. She loves life in her pretty little country town, making and recording music. She has entertained at pubs, coffeehouses, cowboy concerts, festivals, weddings, funerals, birthday parties and more. If you'd like one of her CDs, see her CDs for Sale page, and if you'd like to hire her for an event here's her contact information:

News Flash!!
Bernadette has been nomininated for Song of the Year, Album of the Year, & Female Vocalist of the Year in the AWA.

Bernadette Ducharme     Box 408 Horsefly BC     250-620-3793   or   250-620-3347

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